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Our Mission
In the last ten decades, technological growth has been making the greatest impact both quantitatively and qualitatively in our world, making our lives ever more comfortable and convenient. However, due to these technological advancements, the planet we live in has been compromised. The ecological environment has been damaged by various types of pollutants while an increasing number of species of animals and plants are becoming extinct. Fortunately, more and more people are becoming aware of the importance of environmental protection.

Synergy is a powerful term that appeared in late 80s and refers to the power of aligning complementary forces. It encapsulates the goals of our team and our energy-saving work with our corporate clients, as well as the mission and vision for the movement of environmental protection with the global communities.

Our new logo has become "New Benchmark for Energy Saving" - our new slogan too. It is not only showing our new force in the market place but also confirms our ideas in advocating common and mutually beneficial efforts for energy saving and environmental protection. In fact, our new logo contains many meanings:

* The pattern seems like some evergreen vines and trailing plants to stretch and spread in all directions.
* The Chinese character of "quality" and in "integrity"
* The symbol of "infinity" as Synergy can provide unlimited innovative solutions of S - saving the energy, synergize all forces and potentials, saving the money...

We, Synergy Group, are part of the Mother Earth. From all over the world, we have synergized different talents to embrace our mission - to provide the highest-quality, innovative technologies, eco-friendly products and solutions to tackle climate change. From initial designs to the implementation of whole solution, product concept to the end of its life, the entire process strives to attain for the most effective results while staying on track in terms of saving energy, lowering CO2 production and reducing carbon footprints. We have taken the initiative to launch our “Zero Capital Investment” business model to assist companies of many different types to harvest the powerful benefits reflected in their electricity bills in terms of energy and monetary savings. We are committed to assisting our communities and our world in securing a future that is both brilliant and sustainable.

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